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Stansted Airport Taxi

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What is a “Stansted Airport Taxi” is a very good question; the main reason for this is there are no “Stansted Airport Taxis”. The truth of the matter is they are all “Stansted Airport Private Hire Cars”. To understand this you would need to know the laws in England that cover “Hackney Taxis” and “Private Hire Cars”. All the Stansted Airport based “Taxi” companies are registered as “Private Hire” companies, the main reason being there is no “Taxi Rank” for Taxis at Stansted Airport.

Stansted Airport Taxi Rank

Stansted Airport Taxi Rank or the lack of a Taxi Rank for Stansted Airport Taxis is very often misunderstood. There is one company that can “Pick Up” at the ramp at Stansted Airport but they have bought that license from B.A.A. Stansted and can only “Pick Up” a fare if it is pre-booked at the desk inside the terminal at Stansted Airport. So get in the queue and wait your turn.  Is this fair? Well not according to most of the other “Private Hire” companies running a business in the Stansted Airport Taxi world. So Stansted Airport doesn’t have a Taxi Rank where you can just walk up and take a Taxi from Stansted Airport. This means that all the Taxis from Stansted Airport have to be pre-booked, so why not pre-book yours before you fly?

Why call them Stansted Airport Taxis?

In this day of internet information over half of the passengers travelling from Stansted Airport book their flights “Online”. They also look online to find the best way to travel to and from Stansted Airport and if they want to travel by a “Private Hire Car” they more often than not enter “Taxi to Stansted Airport” in their search. Who would think of entering “Executive Car” when looking for a “Taxi” to or from Stansted Airport? This is the reason why most of the “Private Hire” companies at Stansted Airport use the term “Taxi” or “Taxis” in their adverts.

So how to book a “Private Hire Car”

Booking a “Private Hire Car” or even a “Taxi” to Stansted couldn’t be made simpler, just click on our ‘Get a Quote’ link at the top of this page. We will then do all the work for you and after you have sent off your request we will let you know the fare and your estimated travelling by Taxi to Stansted. Yes it is that easy to book  a “Private Hire Car” or Taxi to Stansted.

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